Online Paralegal Programs

Online Paralegal Programs

The utilization of paralegals in legal offices, law firms, corporations, and government agencies provides a more efficient and cost-cutting way of providing legal services to clients. As more and more people in the legal community realize this, the demand for paralegals and legal assistants across the nation has also increased.

Indeed, there is no better time than today to consider a career in the paralegal profession. Below are some online paralegal programs that provide excellent training and education to help you meet the challenges of paralegal work.

Kaplan University

Kaplan University offers online paralegal programs and training courses that are comprehensive and exhaustive. Their online paralegal programs include the following associate and bachelor degrees in paralegal studies:

* Bachelor of Science in Management/Applied Management with a Law Office Management Emphasis – Considered a preparatory course that teaches the knowledge, technical skills and work habits required for entry-level management positions in law offices and other legal environments.
* 2+2 Bachelor of Science in Management/Applied Management with a Law Office Management Emphasis – Designed for associate’s degree holders, this online paralegal program allows you to jump-start your career in management while completing a bachelor’s degree with emphasis on career-related coursework and general education.
* Associate of Applied Science in Paralegal Studies – Providing the student with a solid foundation in paralegal studies and a liberal arts knowledge base, this program is a comprehensive study in the different paralegal areas, such as legal research, civil litigation, contacts, and criminal law.

Professional Career Development Institute (PCDI)

A leading institute in distant learning courses, the Professional Career Development Institute offers authoritative distance education courses in various fields of study, including online paralegal programs designed for those who want to join the ranks of competent legal professionals.

PCDI’s online paralegal program is nationally accredited. It begins with a 20-lesson Foundation Course, where you learn the basic legal concepts and practical paralegal techniques, before focusing on specialties in their follow-up intensive program, called Advanced Specialty Courses. The latter focuses on the following fields of paralegal study:

* Litigation
* Real estate law
* Corporations law
* Estates
* Wills and trusts

Ashworth College

The Ashworth College Associate of Science Degree Program in Paralegal Studies is an online paralegal program that offers the convenience of home study. The program begins with general education courses, such as business, communications, and social sciences – all of which are important career enhancement courses that necessarily overlap the paralegal field.

This online paralegal program includes instructions in the following:

* Civil litigation
* Business law
* Real estate law
* Torts
* Family law
* Law of wills, trusts, and estates

There are several more schools and institutions that offer online paralegal programs for a career in the paralegal profession. The above-mentioned are only a few of those currently available.

What Happens When a Pilot gets a DUI/DWI?

What Happens When a Pilot gets a DUI/DWI?

Your worst nightmare as a pilot – a DUI. Will this end your career as a pilot? What if you are the lawyer representing a pilot? Is this a simple DUI case or will it end your law career with a malpractice lawsuit? I know these questions can light up your eyes to why a pilot is different when they get a DUI.
First, pilot or not, you have to follow your state laws. Keep in mind your time frame for appeals or administrative hearings. You could probably get your driver’s license back under an occupational license during your suspension. Even if its your first offense, you better be on your toes if you want to keep flying.
Second, pilots fall under another set of rules from the FAA. They are the FARS (Federal Aviation Regulations). Do you have to report to the FAA now or later? Can I just put it on my FAA First Class Medical Certificate? Can I just call the CFI (certified flight instructor) at the local FAA office FSDO (Flight Standards District Office)?
Your most important resource (lawyer or pilot) is Section 61.15 of the FARS. Section (e) states that you must report “not later than 60 days after the motor vehicle action”. It lists the things you must submit to the FAA, Civil Action Security Division in Oklahoma City, not your local FSDO. This is very serious as section (f) states “Failure to comply with paragraph (e) of this section is grounds for . . .(2) Suspension or revocation of any certificate, rating, or authorization issued under this part.”
In summary, what do you do? If you are convicted of a DUI/DWI, it must be reported on your medical application. You also have to notify the FAA in Oklahoma City within 60 days of the conviction. Do NOT contact the local FSDO, as this is NOT incompliance with the FARS. Do this quick or face a suspension for a non-reporting violation.
Drinking and Driving is bad. Drinking and flying is worse. Both can end careers, lives and marriages. They can even take innocent victims. Also, if you have two separate incidents within a 3-year period, then the FAA can deny an application or revoke/suspend a pilot’s license. You can avoid all of this by not drinking and driving.

Considering Criminal Law?

Considering Criminal Law?

If criminal law is your passion, there is little doubt that you will be well suited for the law arenas that it enforces. For those who are looking for a major, it is wise to study this area of the law. In criminal law, The People can punish the criminal based on what he or she has done against the state. There are often less indications of victims here, but more of rules being broken. Because in criminal law, the individual has broken the governing body’s law, he or she is required to face punishment from the government. There is no need to consent with the victim, should there be one.

Is criminal law the type of law you will pursue? If so, there is little doubt that you have many outstanding opportunities in the universities that you can attend to get your law degree. You will find that many of the schools will provide you with the most outstanding abilities to gain the knowledge that you need so long as you apply yourself. Criminal law is complex, detailed and very challenging. Yet, it can be passionate, profound and life changing as well. Criminal law is an amazing element in itself.

The first choice that you will need to make should you choose criminal law is which school you will attend. Because you will be studying at such a high level, you will want to choose carefully, considering what an excellent school would look like and do for your resume. If you do well at that school, it will even set you higher above the rest of students. Choose the school based on your ability to meet the school’s demands, your ability to afford it, as well as your ability to get into it as some are rather restrictive in who they admit. Criminal law school is an excellent choice. It is one that will serve you well for many years.