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Preventing Living Trust Mills

A living trust can be an effective estate planning tool– it not just allows you to control the circulation of your property after you die, but it offers a system to handle your property in case of your inability. Because of the appeal of living trusts, especially as a probate avoidance technique, there have actually […]

Your Probate Questions Answered

If you resemble many people, you have actually heard the term, “probate, “but aren’t truly sure what it indicates besides it takes place when somebody dies and lawyers are included. To bring some clearness to the subject of probate, we’re answering typical probate concerns listed below: What is probate?Probate is the court procedure of verifying […]

The Fundamentals of Estate Taxes (and How You Can Prevent Them).

Death and taxes may undoubtedly be unavoidable, however paying a so-called “death tax” is not. “In this world nothing can be stated to be particular, other than death and taxes.”– Benjamin Franklin The way certain political leaders rant, one might fairly (but incorrectly) believe that upon an individual’s death half of their estate will go […]