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The probate process can be stressful Why add to it with driving in traffic and parking Irvine Probate Law Estate Planning Irvine Probate Law has over 30 years handling probate documents and living trust formations. Collect money owed to the estate,such as outstanding paychecks and rents Steve Bliss can answer all your questions like,how long […]

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Once everything has been distributed,you will submit receipts and records of everything to the court and then ask for the estate to be closed and to be released from the role of executor. Personal effects. If additional space is needed,attach a separate page File the signed Proof of Service by Mail with the court. It […]

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Come visit us at our Probate Law offices in Irvine,CA decide Irvine Probate Law Estate Planning Lawyer continue (949) 812-6934. Steve Bliss Location complete. Some assets are distributed to heirs by the court (probate assets) and some assets bypass the court process and go directly to your beneficiaries (non-probate assets) Irvine Probate Law Probate Lawyer […]