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San Diego County Living Trust is managed by attorney Paul A. Hanks, who has a track record of 24 years in the practice of law in California, including many years of estate planning and California living trusts. If you own multiple properties or are part of a corporation, partnership, or LLC, the cost may be slightly higher but still very affordable. All homeowners are encouraged to contact Attorney Paul A. Hanks at the San Diego County Living Trust directly for a free phone or in-office consultation. Too many people make the mistake of believing that merely having a will is enough to avoid probate, which is a trap for the unwary. In California, the mere value of assets exceeding $150,000 is enough to trigger a costly and time-consuming probate proceeding where hawkers of information probe court filings such as probate, civil, family law and bankruptcy and sell this information for profit. All homeowners are encouraged to evaluate their estate needs and protect themselves with a living trust. If you own a home but it is not part of a living trust, then you are probably an excellent candidate for a living trust. A living trust serves as a wonderful insulating layer of privacy and keeps your estate out of the court system. And fees that would otherwise be owed the probate court are saved and passed on to your selected beneficiaries. Yet another added benefit of living trusts pertains to married couples. Only a living trust can provide you with the feeling of security in knowing that your assets and wealth will eventually pass to your selected beneficiaries, since the California living trust provides that upon the second spouse’s death, the estate plan will pass as you have stated in the trust. A will cannot control a disposition in the future to the degree like a living trust can. The trust preserves the estate for your children and guards against property winding up with someone outside of your next generation. Please do not hesitate to call or email Paul A. Hanks, living trust attorney, at the San Diego County Living Trust to arrange for a free consultation. We are very accommodating to the demands of your daily schedule and have time slots available after normal business hours, as well as weekends.

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San Diego County Living Trust offers great deals on complete living trust packages, consisting of the full array of personalized written instruments tailored to your individual estate needs and which includes the following documents:

  • An Ironclad, Comprehensive Living Trust;
  • Property Assignment(s);
  • Certification of Trust;
  • Pour Over Will(s);
  • Power(s) of Attorney
  • A Trust Transfer Deed for Your Primary Residence;
  • Asset Informational Guide.

We also offer a Trust Only Package for a smaller fee which includes the following documents:

  • An Ironclad Comprehensive Revocable Living Trust;
  • Property Assignment(s);
  • Certification of Trust.

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